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Diamond Ethics

Diamond ethics

Simon Pure – conflict free

Simon Pure’s philosophy has always been to provide an ethically superior product by being very selective in our choice of suppliers for diamonds, coloured gemstones and metals. Our suppliers have been on board with the Kimberley Process since it began and guarantee that the diamonds we purchase are from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We therefore guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict free and that they are natural, high quality stones from reliable sources produced under strict ethical and environmental standards.

In fact at Simon Pure we go further than just the diamonds. Historically all gemstones have always been at the centre of conflict, in one way or another, so the same ethics should be applied. At Simon Pure we hand select all our gemstones from around the world, we personally know all our suppliers some of whom actually own the mines in which the gemstones originate. This not only allows us to be ethically confident about our products but allows us the benefit of creative input to choose and commission unusual and unique gemstones.