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-Choosing an Engagement Ring (the Simon Pure way, let’s keep it simple)

diamond ring usual suspects by simon pure

3 simple steps

  1. Take a little time to think about her life and style.

Think about the type of girl she is – sporty, outdoorsy, delicate, princessy, demure, understated or centre of attention?

Think about the jewellery she already has and enjoys wearing.

With this in mind, most engagement ring designs fall into the following categories… which would suit her best?


Simply beautiful champ_flute_twist_ring_top

Less is more. Simply set diamonds, nothing more, nothing less.


fleur-de-lis_topTimeless Elegance

Dainty and delicate scattered with diamonds. Classic designs inspired by old-fashioned romance.



entwine_pink_topUnusual and eye-catching

These unique designs are engagement rings with a twist. Designer rings that stand out from the crowd.




A shot of colour. Because life would be boring in monochrome.



diamond_stone square
  1. Diamonds

Read most jewellery blogs and this can be a minefield of facts, stats and confusion.

In a nutshell, diamonds come in a range of qualities and are graded as such via the 4 Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.*

At Simon Pure, we handpick all our diamonds, insisting on a high quality in cut, colour and clarity. For the final C, carat weight will always be down to the weight of the individual stone. Simple.

When it comes to diamonds, the most important decision is the shape. Options include:

Round – brilliant cut

Square- princess cut

Fancy cut- including marquise, oval, Asher, baguette


*Want to find out all about the 4 Cs? Check out our guide to diamond quality and our previous blog – Diamonds: A gift that lasts a lifetime.


  1. Quick Design Check List

Metal colour preference:          White                    Yellow                   Rose

Stones preference:                   Colour*                Diamond

Stone shape:                            Round                   Square                  Fancy

Style:                                      Timeless               Unusual               Simple


*When it comes to coloured stones, we advise that you stick with the harder gemstones for durability: sapphires and diamonds are always the best choice. They both come in a rainbow of colours, from chocolate diamonds to pink sapphires. Email us or ask in store for details


With this information in mind, you’re now fully prepared to choose the perfect ring – good luck!

If you fancy going off piste with your choice, check out our blog – Story of a Commission – to give you an insight into bespoke designs.