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New Purity Collection

Simon Pure Purity Collection morganite purple sapphire and diamond rings

Meet the Purity! One of our most beloved engagement rings, featuring a solitaire diamond on a throne of precious metal. Our original design has been holding its own on Simon Pure’s shelves for approximately eight years, until its multi stone sisters came out at the beginning of 2016.

Simon Pure Purity Collection single princess cut diamond ring stone original design

Purity princess cut diamond ring by Simon Pure, original design 2009

The Purity collection combines everything we love in contemporary engagement design – a nice, open setting for lots of light, a minimal, four-claw setting holding each stone, and bespoke craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail.

Simon Pure Purity Collection diamonds peridot morganite tanzanite purple sapphire

Simon Pure Purity collection (left to right) Platinum and diamond three stone Purity. 18ct white gold,cushion cut peridot and tanzanite Seven Stone Purity cocktail rings. Round morganite and diamond Seven Stone Purity. Oval purple sapphire and diamond Seven Stone Purity.

The Seven Stone Purity won our Proposal competition, and it’s only got better from there. Altering the setting to hold seven stones, while keeping the intricate setting, gave the design an Art Deco feel. From here, we’ve played with stones and metals, giving the Seven Stone Purity a unique look every single time.

Simon Pure Seven Stone Purity diamond and platinum ring

Seven Stone Purity 2016 platinum and diamond

The newest member of our Purity family is the Oval Seven Stone. These come as engagement rings or dramatic cocktail rings – we are particularly in love with this special cut lilac sapphire. The romantic hues and icy sparkle are enough to give morganite a run for its money! Placing an oval cut stone in the centre elongates the design, making the ring look larger without any overbearing features.


Simon Pure morganite and purple sapphire Purity diamond ring

Pastel perfection! morganite and purple sapphire Purity

Over the last two years, we’ve developed a soft spot for this gorgeous beryl: morganite. Perfectly pink, radiantly sparkly, the stone compliments all precious metals, from 9ct rose gold to platinum. We’ve set this morganite in our cushion cut Seven Stone cocktail ring, and its slightly lavender hue gives it a cooler tone, complimenting its white gold setting.

But the Purity is not just for engagement rings! We’ve also set more generously sized cushion cut semi precious stones in the Purity, making it perfect for a statement cocktail ring. Currently available in morganite, AAA tanzanite and a zesty peridot, you can choose your favourite shade to sit proudly on this diamond encrusted design.


Simon Pure tanzanite peridot and diamond Purity cocktail rings

Bold and bright! Peridot and AAA tanzanite Purity rings

What started as a simple solitaire has now created generations of unique designs. Now created for all occasions, whether it’s an anniversary, a special event or a celebration, we’d love to hear your ideas on how to make the Purity your own.