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Meet the New Collections!

Sunday was certainly no day of rest, but a day with a lot of laughs and a lot of prosecco. Each shelf had a brand new design and it was fantastic to get feedback from some of our most loyal customers. Thank you so much to all of you who came, the day was a massive success and a perfect introduction to our new collections for this season!

For those of you not lucky enough to make it to the show, we thought we’d provide a little taster to keep you up to date with what’s new…

Introducing the show stoppers:


This Art Deco-inspired design is the perfect partywear, finished with a technique that Simon Pure has never employed before! Using the point of a diamond on the end of a needle, the resulting tool is then moved in small, circular motions over the metal, making many tiny imprints with its facets. Over a large surface area, this technique gives an amazing frosted effect, as if it’s been scattered with diamonds (but without the diamond price!) Made using a combination of metals, you can choose between silver with yellow gold or silver with rose gold. This unique finish makes the Shard collection a real one-off, and certainly dazzled early Christmas shoppers at the Design Show. This pendant and earring selection looks even better in person – come on down to our Guildford store and see the real sparkle!

shard earrings

Cushion Cut Seven Stone

As voted by you, the seven stone Purity was our most popular engagement ring of 2016. So we took a little Christmas extravagance, and made a big, dazzling cocktail ring to match! With a whopping, cushion cut morganite in the centre, three diamonds clustered either side, and finished with our Purity setting, it was a total show-stealer. Also available in both AAA grade tanzanite and citrus-hued peridot, this ring really stole our hearts…

7 stone Morg

New Twister

 Adhering to our Art Deco theme, we’ve brought out an unusual diamond pendant and diamond earrings collection. Keeping things uncomplicated, with a choice of a 0.15ct brilliant cut diamond or a festively red ruby, we added a spiral of diamond tipped decor around the simple four claw setting. Initially made in yellow gold, we’re already working on a white gold version… with a new array of coloured stones! With a very similar style to our Twister jewellery (but with a bit of a party hat on!), the New Twister is an exciting update to a Simon Pure classic.

new twister

Swan Ring

The Swan collection, until now, has been a ring-less collection. With two different sizes of earrings, a statement pendant and a bangle, we thought a diamond-dusted ring would be the icing on the cake. We wanted to keep it light, something that you could wear every day with the rest of your collection. Introducing lots of air space between the bands of platinum and diamonds that frame a brilliant cut tanzanite gives the illusion of a large statement ring, while remaining delicate enough to suit everyone. Keeping the shape natural and sweeping, the stone is kept as the centre of attention in this piece. Currently set with tanzanite, December’s birthstone, this makes the perfect gift for those with December birthdays and anniversaries.



These lovely new pendants are just the perfect flash of colour among the mass of coat and scarves in your winter wardrobe! The workshop team have had some fun with new metal and stone combinations, experimenting with diamonds and semi-precious stones that steal the limelight with their vivid hues. These certainly embody that Simon Pure style, containing elements of classic designs like Lodestar and Petal.  Set in silver, we’ve really tried to accentuate the shape of the stone, adding grooves in the metal that draw in the surrounding light, creating a rippling effect. Keeping the stones in a simple claw setting, these beautiful designs are perfect for everyday wear.


Check back here soon, we’ll be updating the blog with new collections again! It’s great to receive feedback on new designs, and it’s always worth a trip into one of our stores to appreciate the workmanship and design element behind them. As always, we can make everything in the stone and metal of your choice, which can take approximately 6 weeks to make from scratch. If you’re planning any Christmas surprises, it’s well worth placing your order in good time to save yourself from any last minute rushes!

We hope you love our new collections as much as we do.


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You’ve decided on a gift that will last a lifetime – diamonds! For centuries, these have signified an everlasting bond, due to their durability and eternal sparkle. They are known as a woman’s best friend, and as the epitome of glamour and prestige. You’ve decided to buy diamonds… and apparently this is where it becomes tricky!

'promise_pen_whtgoldYou begin with somewhere you’re familiar with, a shop you know or a friend who loves jewellery. So far, so good. But what started as an average gift hunt unexpectedly becomes something far more complicated. Suddenly, you’re drowning in information and words (all of which sound suspiciously made up). What do terms like The Four C’s, refraction, settings, cut, ‘carrots’, VVS1 or VVS2 even mean? And there are so many questions… Does she like contemporary or classic? How white would she like her diamonds? Does she prefer cats or dogs?

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Rather than enduring a steady stream of buzz words and jargon, take a step into Simon Pure. When you’re with us, the only Four C’s you’ll need to worry about are Coffee, Cake, and Comfy Chairs. Jewellery shopping takes time and thought, so take some weight off your shoulders and we’ll brief you on the vital basics…

Diamonds are valued under four basic categories, known as the Four C’s. In no particular order, this is what each represents:


In simple terms, this is the shape of the diamond. Each shape will have its own pretty name, which in itself can get confusing. The cuts you will find most commonly when shopping are brilliant cut (round), princess cut (square), oval cut (self-explanatory) and baguette cut (looks more like a bar of Dairy Milk than a baguette!). These four tend to rule the diamond roost, but we also hold asscher cuts, cushion cuts, marquise and emerald cuts. There is no ‘best’ cut of diamond, each shape is desirable for different purposes. The quality of a cut lies in its symmetry and polish.



‘Diamonds are clear, of course?’ WRONG! Diamonds have so many different tones, the stone makes a rainbow all of its own. The colour of a diamond is graded in letters, starting from D (being colourless) to Z (tainted colour, with a grey or yellowish tinge). The quality of Simon Pure diamonds will be G-H, which is the top end of the ‘near colourless’ bracket. When diamonds glimmer, the light that passes through them shines vivid and pure colours. If the diamond is already a low quality colour, the light will be tainted and it will not sparkle with the same fire of a higher quality colour diamond.


This is where it gets complicated (but don’t panic!) Diamonds are a natural product of the Earth, made from carbon. As with all naturally made things, no two are the same. Stones come in a vast array of varieties, but the most fascinating way to see the difference between them is by examining the inclusions each will hold. Otherwise known as flaws, birthmarks, blemishes (call them what you will!), these inclusions are also found in diamonds. Clarity is graded from FL – flawless, having no inclusions at all – to I3, whose heavy inclusions are easy to see with the naked eye.

When lots of little diamonds are set together, the stones refract off each other. These ‘clusters’ create a real dazzle, making inclusions much harder to detect. Consequently, you’ll only tend to notice these in larger diamonds, although this isn’t necessarily a negative. Inclusions are what makes a stone unique and can look truly stunning, making your diamond stand out from the crowd.


This refers to the weight of the diamond. Originally, diamonds were weighed using carob beans, which is where the term ‘carat’ originates. Although commonly understand to represent the size, two diamonds of the same carat can often look like completely different sizes. Diamonds of equal weight can be shallow cut or deep cut, and will look very different despite weighing the same. It’s all about how they are proportioned. And remember, bigger doesn’t mean better! If you are choosing for someone with a very slight frame, giant diamonds will drown them. We always provide honest advise about what will suit someone best, most people enter the shop looking for one style and leave with something totally different! As professionals, it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone leaves with the perfect piece.

Cath Cradle plat bcradlex1

Well, there you have it, a brief introduction to the world of diamonds. However, we’d like to stress to that the most important thing is to love what you’re buying. If you think something has that ‘wow factor’ you can bet that nobody will notice that VVS2 inclusion, or care about its colour grade and type of cut. Fall in love with a design, and if it sparkles, and if it’s classic, we think you’re on to a winner. Try not to get overwhelmed with the technicalities – it’s the sentiment and thought behind it that matters most. Feel free to come by our Guildford and Smithbrook Kilns boutiques for advice on where to start. Happy shopping!

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