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Over the last two years you may have noticed a rosy new feature on the shelves of Simon Pure. It’s girly, understated, and an acquired taste… which more and more of you are embracing!

Of course, it’s ROSE GOLD. This burnt-hued precious metal has suddenly cleared its very own spot in our jewellery boxes, loved by lovers of yellow and white metal alike. Introduced subtly in bi-colour watches, rose gold has been a breath of fresh air in the jewellery industry. We get a lot of questions about rose gold, and we thought it’s about time we introduced you to our new best friend.




Originally from Russia, rose gold surged into fashion during the 19th century. Originally named ‘Russian gold’ due to its roots, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that Britain – previously dedicated to yellow gold – started to enjoy its warm, pink tones.

Also known as red gold or pink gold, it remains – like its white and yellow cousins – a precious metal. Gold is diluted with base metals known as alloys, and carats tell us how diluted the gold is. White gold, for instance, is gold mixed with naturally white metals such as platinum and silver (and finished with a rhodium plating). Its natural form will thus be slightly tinted. Similarly, rose gold owes its autumnal shade to the alloy that the gold is mixed with – copper! This is why 9ct rose gold will look more vibrant than 18ct rose gold.

DREAMCATCHER ROSE GOLDMany of those tip-toeing around a purchase are self conscious about rose gold being a fad. Give it a year, they tell themselves. It’ll be the the boot-cut jeans of the jewellery industry: out of fashion and impossible to buy! But is this really the case? In the few short years since the metal began its reinvention, rose gold has attracted heavy investment. Both watch and jewellery brands have been inspired by rose gold, creating popular collections. Customers have purchased pieces that they intend to wear for life, and – quite honestly – nothing compliments garnet better… Rose gold has carved out a niche, and it is here to stay! Those who normally wear white metals have found a perfect middle ground – a gold that isn’t yellow, and compliments silver perfectly. On the other hand, yellow gold wearers have a new warm hue to compliment their jewellery. With rose gold, everyone’s a winner.




Its ability to suit every skin tone is another key factor in the popularity of rose gold. For those with cool tones, rose gold really bring out any blush undertones, and looks striking next to a pale complexion. Those with warm complexions need no encouragement to see how complementary the fiery shades of rose gold look when worn.
The designers at Simon Pure continue to make rose gold a key feature in our designs, and intend to do so for more many years to come. So, if you fancy an elegant and modern upgrade to your jewellery collection, feel free to pop in, give it a try and get on board with our rose gold crush!




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