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The Gentleman’s Guide to Wedding Bands

It’s Nearly The Big Day!

Buying something special for somebody you care about is hard – but sometimes buying for yourself is even harder!

Often, a wedding band is the first item of jewellery you purchase for yourself to wear every day. Surprisingly, this is normally more difficult than it is for those who wear jewellery regularly, as those who wear a lot of jewellery already have a ‘style’ to base their purchases around.


Where to start?

If you wear a watch, its style might prove a useful guide, reflecting the type of ring you should purchase. If you have a chunky, oversized, and stainless steel sports watch, for instance, a large and more square cut ring could compliment it superbly. A modern watch will suit a more modern design, whereas something minimal and classic will ideally be paired with a similarly understated ring.

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Even matching the finish of your wedding band to your watch can make it feel much more natural, and almost all of our rings can be finished in a number of subtle textures. Over time, all finishes will tone down and become less prominent. A lot of people find rings with a polished finish to be very glossy-looking at first, and feel they look a little too ‘bling.’ With wear, however, they do become less shiny and have an (ever so slightly) more matte appearance. Similarly, matte finishes also wear, and appear fractionally more polished. All finishes can be returned to their original texture after a short trip to the workshop.

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Trying something new!

When shopping for their wedding bands, many understandably worry about comfort – wearing a ring for the first time can feel unnatural at first. But once you find the right style and size for you, it’ll only take a few days wear for you to forget that it’s even on! We specially measure your finger using a selection of different size gauges to get the perfect fit, so all you need to think about is the style and shape, of which there are a variety to choose from.

Every so often, we get a brave chap who comes in asking for ‘something a bit different’ – not the typical courted 18ct yellow gold number you remember your parents sporting. You’ve come to the right place! We have a selection of bi-colour rings that have decidedly come back into fashion – our matte  titanium and gold collection is subtle and modern. Titanium is an incredibly strong metal, normally designed with a matte finish to accentuate its dark grey colour. As it’s not considered to be a ‘precious metal’, but an industrial metal, it is also incredibly cost effective (making it even more attractive!)

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We offer our wedding bands in white gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium and titanium. White gold will take more maintenance – every once in a while you will need to get your ring re-rhodium plated to keep up its white appearance. Un-rhodiumed white gold has a yellow hue. Palladium is in the same family as platinum, and is a naturally white metal and very hard wearing.

With such a wide variety of wedding bands to chose from, all it takes is some time to keep trying on bands, allowing you to identify the perfect style. The more you try on, the easier it will become to imagine yourself wearing your ideal wedding band. Give yourself a good 2-3 months before the wedding to begin shopping, as a freshly-made wedding ring will take 4-6 weeks. Before you know it, you’ll have a wedding ring that you’ll be admiring for many years to come!

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